Inspiration can occur anytime, anywhere...

The goal is to alter reality just enough to create my own unique scene.
Theres a certain intentional distortion and exaggerated movement
in my work, I use perspective to make a path that leads the viewer's eye
into the scene...I want my audience to feel as if they could step into
my paintings...emotionaly and visually.



Colour happens...


Its all about capturing the right mood for the scene.
Light and shadows are imagined as they would cast across
the scene, definitely my favourite part of the process...




Let there be TEXTURE

I've always painted with texture, the build up of many layers of
thick paint adds depth and another dimmension to my art.

Theres a certain randomness that happens as I build up
these layers. This technique helps me exaggerate the perspective
and movement in my art.



Its all about the details...

The little details are everywhere...
They can be seen in the architectural moulding of a
historic building, an ornate lamp post, even in the worn
cobblestones of an old city sidewalk.

These are important elements I want to include in
my paintings, I feel they give my work character and
help the individual piece tell its own story...


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