...some bonus images and videos that capture different aspects of my work process and studio

One of my work tables...more or less clean. ....got lots of these full of sketches choices, choices. The Painting Pigs, the supervisors. Drawing on the famous wall at Editions Gallery Aerial view Working on two at once Sometimes painting coffee cups makes me crave one
Thickening the acrylics ..personalizing sold pieces after a gallery show Setting up my booth at an Art Expo exhibition My work table Selfie! The tools The lineup
Painting outside on the deck Sketching New sprays...I feel like doing a murral Dirty hands I keep my worn out brushes At day's end Old art studio In an art studio paint gets everywhere

Most of my art comes straight from my imagination.

Although I sometimes reference certain details from images,
I prefer to use my mind and create something unique.

Here are some quick digital studies and timelapse videos showing the progress of how my pieces are composed


Timelapse video
"Vivid Edmonton" Original Painting


Timelapse video
"Vivid Calgary" Digital study


Timelapse video
"Waterfall Melody" Original Painting


Timelapse video
"Midday Merlot" Original Painting


Timelapse video
Digital Study 1


Timelapse video
Digital Study 2


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